Memory Lane

Since New Years Eve is not my favorite time to get out on the road, my husband and I usually enjoy a quiet anniversary at home❤️ For our 29th this year, I pulled down the box of letters (remember those?) we wrote to each other back in 1988. Back and forth we can read from the first day we met (May 3rd) until 7 days before our wedding in December.
Back then, I traveled with a touring ballet company out of Jackson, MS. He was a college student  in New Orleans, LA. The distance nearly killing us, we wrote letters interspersed with occasional phone calls (they cost $)! These were our only life-lines. We would send a card and wait for a response. No texting, no snapchat, no cell phones! Voicemail wasn’t even available. …nearly impossible for our kids to comprehend.
Yet, our letters are precious and funny snatches of our courtship. Saved forever in envelopes with postage and date-stamp. Actual handwriting (misspellings included -but only in mine) that express, irritation, love and excitement. We even made our own “emojies” in the margins 😉
How fun to retrace our story and visit the building anticipation to marriage ❤️ Life seemed a bit more simple and a lot less public back then. How I hope our kids will follow this example and write love letters to their sweethearts. Then someday they too can snuggle up on an anniversary and take a little trip down Memory Lane.
ForGlorySake!– Anna

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