7 years ago…

At my in-laws: “Home” from the hospital, and finally on the  long road to recovery. All together as a family. ❤️ ❤️ Unbelievably in-time for Christmas to arrive, complete with snow and many other miracles. What an extra fragile, extra monumental Holy-day.
I thought I would never make it through that trial, I thought I’d break! But you know what? I didn’t, because I relied on Someone else’s strength. God came through Big & Strong (usually at the 11th hour). But He came through.
Facebook sent me this reminder today, one I never want to forget. My Father is faithful! He proved Himself to me time and again that year… and the next… and the next…. As a matter of fact it continues today.
Had He always been doing this and I just didn’t notice before? Had I simply been too busy to see how intimately involved He was in our details? How many people He sent to help?
To desperately cling has become a way of life for me (minus the panic). Trust first, ask questions later. And it actually comes more easily now. No matter the outcome, I believe He is willingly after my good… and the good of our family. This is the truth I’ve repeatedly learned
and it alone has changed EVERYTHING.
Forever… ForGlorySake! –Anna

Post cancer surgeries 2010  🙌🏽 He’s Alive!

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