2 years…

Facebook just reminded me that 2 years ago (12/2015), we were moving our daughter to Athens. A transfer to her dream school UGA, a great job with a bank, nice boyfriend, and a cute little apartment.  She had been working so hard at college and it was really starting to pay off.

Soon after, mild repeat illnesses turned into dizzy spells, fainting and blurred vision. Still she continued with school, stopping work. After too many trips to Urgent Care for antibiotics and losing her sight by summer semester, there was no choice was left but to seek a specialist. Multiple appointments with doctors running tests took over normal life. Reluctantly, she took a medical leave of absence from school.  

4 months later (12/2016) our fiery redhead had had-it! She declared a “cease” to any further doctors, testing and experimenting. No one had figured out the cause of illness, and every treatment had failed. Still dizzy, nauseated, allergic and constantly sick she survived 3 more months.

Then God, in His profound mercy made her willing (3/2017) to follow one last lead via a friend. A brilliant country physician just north of us was said to be great with medical conundrums.  A walk-in emergency clinic, he guessed her diagnosis in 15 minutes! Blood-work confirmed: Advanced Lyme Disease and acute Mononucleosis. Shocking that not one other MD in 6 months had tested for that.

Yet God didn’t waste ANYTHING. During the detour so much heart-change happened in her. So much yielding took place. So much willingness to submit to His plan. It’s never according to -our way, or -our thoughts. His are always higher, so much greater and usually a lot more complicated. Whew.

Today, 9 months of treatment has passed and she was declared “Lyme -inactive” (10/2017). This wily bacteria has not completely left her body, but hopefully her immune system will fight the rest off. She has good days and bad days now. Still it’s amazing to see her up and about.

 There’s much hope on the horizon as she learns to cope -living with this. She works more than one job and lots of plans are being made again. ❤️ More than anything God is at the center of her heart, so I am thankful for the journey.

LORD, the road has been so hard. Yet all that You have done and are doing is beyond our imagination. You are working right before our eyes yet again. Faithful and True,  I am amazed at what lengths You will go to, to call us.

ForGlorySake! –Anna

Pre-illness 2015
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