2 years…

Such a journey… Facebook just reminded me that this time 2 years ago (12/2015), we were moving our daughter to Athens. A transfer to her dream school, a great job, and a cute little apartment.  She had been working so hard at college and it was really starting to pay off.
Soon, a mild illness became overwhelming and what started as a rash and sudden food allergies, turned physically debilitating. After a grueling spring and summer semester in Athens, no choice was left but to seek help. Multiple appointments with specialist running tests took over all normal life. School stopped.
4 months later (12/2016) our fiery redhead declared a “cease” to anymore doctors or testing. Then God, in His great and profound mercy made her willing (3/2017) to follow one more lead – a brilliant country physician just north of us. In 15 minutes (!) he diagnosed her, confirmed it with a blood test and started the right medications.
And during all that time? God didn’t waste ANYTHING. In the detour so much heart-change happened, so much yielding took place, so much willingness to submit to His plan. Never just our way, never just our thoughts alone. His are so much higher, so much greater. 
Today another 9 months has passed and she has been declared “inactive” (10/2017) of this wiley bacteria. She works more than one job and has as much energy as me! There is so much hope on the horizon; loads of plans being made. ❤️ God is at the center of her heart once again… and I am thankful for the journey.
“LORD, but the road has been so hard. But all that You have done and are doing is beyond our imagination. You have worked right before our eyes yet again. Faithful and True,  I am amazed at what lengths You will go to, to call us to You.”
ForGlorySake! –Anna

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