I had such a neat opportunity this winter to make quilts for 2nd generation clients! That is, for kids who received one of my quilts as a present years ago. One girl loved her blanket so much, she ordered one for Christmas for her boyfriend❤️ Another had a surprise keepsake created for her mother.
Scraps of clothing and tee shirt designs made into a treasure forever. It’s fun art for me every time and rewarding to know I made someone happy with a snuggly blanket. 
I’m happy whenever I see trash bags or boxes of shirts left at my door 🙂 it’s a new project and each one is different. Clean out, recycle, create… making something from what seems unusable. 
There’s a lesson in there somewhere. 
God the ultimate Artist, takes our scraps (when offered) trims them up, lays them in order, uses them perfectly… beautifully (never wasting ANYTHING given to Him), for His Glory, for our good, to comfort others… showing us how to properly remember He was there through it all, guiding, watching, loving, longing, waiting for IT ALL TO BE USED.
ForGlorySake! –Anna

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