It lurks around the corner, sneaking up and tripping me when I least expect it. Pride the base of all sin is usually easier to see in someone else, while it’s staring back in the mirror.
Not too long ago I was praying for my child. So distressed, I began to fast. I needed God to move! I was crying out for healing, protection, direction, wisdom. All great stuff. My time finished up with no “revelation” …of any kind. I was bummed so I slept on it. 
The next morning I woke to the realization God wanted to deal with me! My pride was a problem. Pride??  Yes, my pride over this child. I wanted change to come, more for me than for them. My dependence on them for friendship and even the honor of being associated with who they are was interfering with God needing to do some hard shaking in their life.
He reminded me, something similar had happened when our now 5 years sober son began to show signs of addiction. I just wanted him “fixed” (no pun intended)! I had such a hard time seeing the bigger picture of his emotional and spiritual needs; especially for counseling. 
I had never considered the time it would take. Needed to take! God showed me it just wasn’t about me or my personal guilt or what people thought of our family. It was about our son. And when your child is sick, everything else can wait. 
How interesting, how eye-opening… I thought I’d dealt with my pride back then. Yet again He declared, “I AM GOD AND THERE IS NO OTHER.” In other words, ” Got off the throne!” I see I still have SO much room to grow and change.  
Thank You, LORD for dealing with me while I deal with my kids. You are moving. Never wasting anything offered in Jesus’ name. You shake and You build with great wisdom and I trust You with it all.
ForGlorySake!- Anna

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