Signs & Wonders

3 times in the last few days God sent me a message loud and clear, “I know where you live, I see what you’re doing, I love you.” Wow, what comfort, what treasure… just what I needed before I even asked.
The 1st came when I popped a tire, ending up on the side of a busy highway close to home. My car is odd in that the new tire must be mounted on the current rim – big pain! As I stayed with my jacked-up car while my hero husband ran to replace the tire, blessings poured in. Many, many concerned drivers stopped to ask if they could help me! Some actually got out and walked over 🙂 …and just when I had begun to think most motorists in our area were such angry people… not!
The 2nd was much more dramatic! While cooking dinner, my first 3 fingers accidentally submerged in 1″ boiling bacon grease! Yikes! I quickly rinsed them in cool water…. Nothing showed. NO REDNESS! NO BLISTERS! NO PAIN! Unbelievable. I dried them off, thanked my gracious God and finished the recipe. Crazy
The 3rd happened today as I looked among the frozen Thanksgiving turkeys. A sweet lady my mom’s would-be age offered suggestions and hands-on help. She was Just another customer in the store, but her input meant so much. I told her she made me miss my mom. She laughed and walked on and I smiled to think God had sent her. 
God is always watching us. He’s aware of where you live and what you’re doing. Look out for His daily interventions; those little gifts sent your way just to say, “I love you.”
ForGlorySake! -Anna

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