A sweet older lady recently complimented me on our large family saying, “It’s so nice to see a family that’s not dysfunctional these days.”  I nearly burst out laughing because we have not been the model family and we definitly are dysfunctional by many standards. I won’t list all our complications and failings here! However, if it is true that we are only good  at a couple of things, ours may be sticking together and loving each other through the mess.
All we like sheep have gone astray
I looked up dysfunctional – Not performing “normally,” having a malfunctioning element, behaving outside of what is “normal” in human society.  Very vague if you ask me. More important would be: What standard are we seeking? What moral basis are we using? Are we all on the same page?
by syllables the word means:
Dys – ill or bad. Like dis to disrespect, see little worth, insult, criticize. We may (wrongly) devalue ourselves but it should NOT be tolerated toward one another. God considered each of us worthy enough to pay the ultimate price of His Son’s life. That’s Value to be respected!
Function – is the purpose for which something is designed. The family is meant to be a unit. A haven and safe zone from the outside world. Its a place to question and debate. It’s where we learn to love our neighbor. I’ve always said, “If you can love your sibling, you can love anyone!”
Al – is “having the character of.” Who’s character do we seek to emulate? The world or Jesus?
We humans are really good at making messes. Some of us are better at them than others, but there is One that brings order out of our chaos and beauty from our ashes. He is never overwhelmed or at a loss. He does not despise small beginnings, but encourages “little” faith. He continues to shake us down, heat us up and overturn the disasters of our lives. Showing us again and again He is a faithful Father Who sees dysfunction and is not deterred by it… He challenges it, then uses it for His Glory!
Offer to Him every dysfunctional part of your family,
ForGlorySake! -Anna 

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