The Prayer Connection

I know people who can pray for whole countries and continents! That amazes me. I am overwhelmed looking past the 4 walls of our house. It may seem crazy but it just seems too much to think of so many people at one time! At the airport I have tried to pray for “all the travelers”…. yet my eyes focused on an individual, (like the tired mom with 3 kids in tow, hurrying to their destination) and I was off -praying for her worries and concerns. 
I think I just might be a personal connection pray-er. Do you ever feel like that? If your family and friends are somehow touched by something, it makes an issue easier to grasp; more real? This past year I began praying for the police drug task force in our county. Whenever I thought through what they were up against and how it impacted those I love and the schools we attend… I was floored by the emotion and passion it brought! Words flowed.
To me, prayer is connection. Connection with my Father about something that matters to me and matters to a Him. Still, I desire to pray “bigger,” and so I’m constantly asking Him to broaden my scope. 
Our children continually bring awareness of new people. Taking the time to enter their world stretches me. We have a son now living in the city of Atlanta. My husband and I recently “prayer-walked” (you basically walk around and pray) in the building where he lives, on his college campus, and the surrounding area. It was cool to see God begin to open our eyes and our hearts to souls all around. 
I must say, God understands me. He knows I need to see an individual; feel for their situation …sort of like how He sees each of us. ❤️ Then, bit by bit I am drawn out of my space and nearer to theirs. He knows this is where I feel and can truely pray from a heart that desires their connection with God as much as I do my own.
LORD, thank You for those who read this that they may be encouraged to be who You created them to be and to pray how you wired them to pray. Teach us true holy connection with You by Your Spirit, through Jesus Your son. Give us hearts to cover others in prayer…. and consider that that person may not have anyone else praying for them today!”
ForGlorySake! – Anna


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