Trust, Trust, Trust

50 years old and still the same lesson… “Will you trust Me?” I wonder some days if it will ever come to me simply and easily? At least now, I recognize the struggle before it completely overwhelms. 

Daily there are things that come across my path, things I can’t fix, can’t resolve, can’t pray away. Still, I do pray …and seek His promises for guidance …and lay the concern down again and again… and again.

Then of course, there’s waiting and hoping mixed with bouts of frustration that bring me back to the questions: Ok, who’s in charge? (God). Is He listening? (Yes, always). So, will I trust Him? (Of course….) but, but, but…

Intellectually – I know He is sovereignWillfully – I’ve already decided to follow Him. Still emotionally – I wrestle with the peace in the waiting.

And revelation of revelations: I see that It’s in the wrestling, I grown stronger. Within that battle of what I see verses what I know to be true, my spiritual faith-muscles mature. 

Like a terrific workout God uses this for my completion. James 1: 1-4

Thank You, LORD, for the wrestling. A good workout. Thank You for never losing hope that my failings can be matured. What a wondrous God You are!

ForGlorySake! – Anna

Grow big. Grow strong
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