Beautiful Ugly

What is true beauty? Flawless perfection? Honest truth? Beloved memories? The Bible reminds us good-looks are only short lived… although Abraham’s wife seemed to hold hers a long time! The fear of God is forever gorgeous.

The older I get, the more I’m banking on that one! 

My husband showed up at a time in my life when I was literally plagued with “the uglies.” He was completely baffled by my desperate grasps at a sickly beauty. His admiration of God’s handiwork in me, made me ashamed of my vain disregard. 

Over the years he further opened my eyes to appreciation of scars, tiny wrinkles, and those few grey hairs. They’re “God-markers” of intervention, provision, even reward. They show we were indeed created in our Savior… Ephesians 2:10

On one of my resent morning excursions, I passed a windy, wet, wild side of this island we visit. The cliffs had strange holes and shapes telling a story of years and years of wear and tear. 
Savage beauty of a hard substance beaten and buffeted by water and wind.

We all become become worn and weathered. Yet those results seen through grace can be beautiful. Each little mark tells a story of God’s loving care… especially around the eyes from laughing and crying.

That’s true beauty

ForGlorySake! –Anna

Savage Beauty
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