A Plunder of Blessings

I was reading Exodus and realized, too many Christian parents (like myself) find their children lured by the enemy. Like the children of Israel enslaved in Egypt- so have been mine. Ideals became subtly transformed from once held strong values and before we knew it, lives were hijacked. Too dramatic? Believe me, it happens.

Fearful times for a parent. Heartbreaking for me!  After all, I spent a lot of time striving to help my kids avoid the dumb mistakes I had made. I wanted so much more for them!! True peace and happiness, only come from obeying God, yet I could not do it for them. My children, wanted more than mere words. It didn’t cut it. They’ve wanted their own opportunity for trial and error. Ugh

Did I pray for this? No way. Did I try to stop it? Yes. Silly me, even God allows His own kids to fall on their fannies. It’s such a hard thing to watch. But there’s always Hope! It was in the trip to Egypt (and the following bondage) that knowledge was gleaned. Very much like plunder, that turns out to be treasure.

As Daniel was educated in the ways of Babylon and Joseph in Egypt. God prepares IN the worst. Equipping, training, for His good plans.Experience is gold when offered to Him. All that refining, after the return, becomes useful later.

As parents we plan for the best, but there is no formula for a heart. But God says: Don’t despair dear one. Don’t grow weary while doing good! I CAN make a way when there SEEMS to be no way. Read Esther again. I AM able. 

There is Hope on the other side!


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