Lots of changes have come with 2017. Changing of jobs, schools… and even some ideals. Sounds messy. Looks messy. I’m just tying to be a good listener to my adult children and keep up with the flow -find my new pace. 
Parenting as they grow older is a far cry from the younger years. For the most part, our “kids” make their own plans now and we are simply informed. This is as it should be – afterall our goal was to promote their independence.
We want them to think for themselves and make their own choices, but I’ll warn you, deconstruction and re-construction of “taught values” can all be part of this process. 
Sometimes all I can see are the steps along the way: the pieces… messy… scattered… random. Yet God is there for us and for them! He has the directions to the plan to create a masterpiece of their life, heck He wrote them. 
For now, I listen and pray and offer advice when asked… trusting God with the outcome that will please  Him. This goes beyond what I want, what I hope for… it’s about God’s desires and His timing. 
Oh, how I wish I could sit each one on my knee again and rock them while I sing about Jesus, yet I know It’s locked in their heart. God never wastes anything.
ForGlorySake! –Anna
Broken glass

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