Fixing My Mind

…as I wash the dishes and wonder if they are really getting clean with only cold water. 
…as we wait on the plumber finally coming today to assess the broken hot water tank and whether the home warranty will cover its replacement.
…as we make the leap to non-traditional “health-share coverage” for our family.
… as we pull our well adjusted bio-chemical engineering student from his loved college and place him in another to help with expenses.
…as we venture into a new partnership at work.
…as we wait… for yet another medical test for Sarah to see if anything can be done.
…as I ask God what He would have me do/pray for others and not just my family.
My mind swirls around and around until I re-read Isaiah 26:3.
Worry stops there.
 “…perfect and constant peace because my mind is stayed on Him.”
I pray you find it too❤️
ForGlorySake! –Anna

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