When I was a young girl I thought I could possibly change the world. First from inside the ballet realm (dancing or teaching), then later by being a mom. It didn’t play out as I invisioned, but I did and do have influence.
“My kids” both birthed and taken-in have become my greatest opportunities for global change. These gifts from God have offered me chances at unconditional love. And my small investments have created huge dividends! 
I can not begin to count the impact that hugs, a safe environment and a listening ear have given. To hold someone’s hand and genuinely tell them of my hope and faith in Jesus, didn’t make all their troubles go away, but it did offer a Hope I live with daily.
To live fully and freely before others (mess and all), has had an impact. These few took the idea and ran with it! Their lives look different than mine, yet the circle keeps growing. Influence begets influence. And I’m proud of the   love I see perpetuated.
God will use our imperfections offered to Him. Our love invested. Our Hope shared. Take a look around you and see your influence
ForGlorySake! –Anna 

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