Year of Experiences

December is here again… another year winding down. Days and weeks have passed stuffed with experiences. More joys and concerns than I can count and continually bring before God. 
His faithfulness astounds me, yet not all my questions have been answered. I can’t even claim closure in most areas… just hope. Hope for a new year and that direction will come. Direction about what to do next. Maybe even solutions.
“And if not? He is still good.”
The story I posted of missionary Helen Roseveare touched me deeply, because of her reaction to being raped while serving God as a doctor in remote Africa. 
When she cried out, wrestling with God over His allowance of this horror, He replied:
“Can you thank ME for trusting you with this experience- even if I never tell you why?”Her answer… yes.
That’s the bottom line. Will I trust Him with my (much smaller) experiences too? With all that’s come from 2016? With what’s ahead for 2017? The good, the bad, the ugly? Past – future – present… 
Yes. Because God remains the same. He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He sees the end from the beginning and only He can (and will) use everything. 
ForGlorySake! –Anna 
 No filter, December sky

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  1. I looked at some videos of Dr. Rosecrans. Wow. So inspiring.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Audrey Hancock Matt. 5:16 Sent from my iPhone

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