In Him

all things are made new
all things are possible
all things reach completion
all things have purpose
all things bring blessing
all things come together
all things work for good
all things hold together
all things are restored
all things are under His power
all things are for Him
all things are searched by the Spirit
all things are judged by us
In all these things we are more than conquers

…all things were created for His Glory and good pleasure! In Him (anna)
I was reminded today that there have been some really dark and desperate moments over our past holidays… times when the future looked bleak. It was so hard for me to see any light, so hard to imagine change. But I could not let myself lose hope. Without Hope there is total darkness. And God always offers light.
I had to trust Him, and believe me my ability was tiny. But God… does not EVER despise small beginnings and He always searches to and fro for those who desire to seek after Him and He promises to grow what we entrust to Him.
I can not hold back the tears when I look around and see my husband alive, a sober son, my children happy, food on the table and a place to call home. Even a car in the garage! These are things beyond my wildest dreams – at least they are when I look back.
I don’t know where this holiday season finds you. I don’t know what you’re facing and I don’t presume to say how it will end. All I know is that He hears you and He loves you and there is Hope -in Him.
ForGlorySake! – Anna

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