No Panic-mode

I’m just finishing up another terrific 7 week Bible study session with my girlfriends. The story of Gideon has taught us so much about God using the weak not just inspite of their weaknesses… but because of them!
God meets us in that Gap between what we can get done and what’s impossible to achieve. My weariness only shows that “I can’t” –alone. His strength is what I need. 
In the midst of this season of health, financial and insurance challenges, my trust-factor has again been triggered. These are all opportunities to put my hope in God, another chance to pray the prayer that never fails, “Your Will be done.” But, bless my soul, it’s a daily choice!
Seems to be my life-long lesson to learn: Trust and wait… No matter the year or circumstance. Yet there is peace in this place. Contentment. I can let it go (with His help) and leave all my concerns at His feet. Definitely freeing.
There is no panic-mode. God will never fail me. 

small canvas/acrylic


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