The Part I Don't Like

How I remember days like these… sorely unpleasant. It’s the part I hate, where you wait and wait. God must have great ability to change us when we have to wait. And He still must be about changing me.

Today was full of calling… and waiting to be called back. Or just waiting on the phone for something to be found, only to be told that the something was never sent. Trying to get these scans scheduled for our daughter has been an exhausting experience. And once they are complete? You guessed it… more phone time for getting an appointment and waiting  to hear results.

Meanwhile, days are passing, and her college classes are being missed. Tuition and rent literally feel like they’re running down a drain somewhere. Ahh. Questions remain regarding to her job, her stuff, the bills and poor roommate.

There is nothing to do but continue down this road. She can not return without answers. We all need answers! As my stomach twists I remember -God loves us, He has a plan, He has a purpose and ALL I really need to do is trust.

Oh God of all hospitals, schedules and bills help me to find rest in the midst of this storm. You are never befuddled and Your way is always sure. I’m so thankful You are at our side. Show us what to do next. I wait only for You.

ForGlorySake! -Anna

What now?
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