The Steady One

After months (about 9) of strange symptoms, our oldest daughter finally agreed to come home and see an ENT for answers. Away at school even staying for at the summer semester, she did not want to take time off. But things have become unbearable. Constant colds and sinus infections, led to continual dizziness and nausea. Urgent care has prescribed so many antibiotics is ridiculous.

The ENT diagnosed with “migraine related vertigo” almost immediately. Painless migraines? Blood pressure meds are used to control the associated chronic dizziness. An MRI was ordered that day and we were told to come back in a month. Poor kid, she can hardly drive or read because of the vertigo. Her eyes actually vibrate, a frightening thing to watch. How was she going to manage college until this got better? How had she managed classes and work last semester? It’s just been one illness after another.

Driving away from her appointment, I called to see if any ophthalmologist might have an opening while she was home. Everyone had a 2 week wait. She thought glasses might help with reading so we decided to try a walk-in optometrist available today. After a fairly quick assessment, he showed great concern and asked if he could run a standard “field test.” 

She failed, all in the center of her vision… like a huge black hole! He explained that that shows blindness over her nose to the center of each eye – usually indicative of a brain tumor! She had NO idea that she could not see, as her brain has been compensating and making up the rest of the lost picture. He wanted us to see a neurologist quickly. We were shocked!

Calling the ENT back with these results, he immediately arranged for her to see the neurologist across the hall from his office. Next we headed for the MRI. Monday we will see what the neurologist says about the scan. So many questions. Yet God is steady -remaining the same: strong, faithful, loving, listening, working for the good of those who love Him.

“Jesus Christ remains the same yesterday, today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8
My verse for the day and boy did I need it – like a challenge to remember -God is here. 

Use this too…

ForGlorySake! –Anna 

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