The Steady One

“Jesus Christ remains the same yesterday, today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8
How I needed these words of life to glow from my phone today, staring at me like a challange to remember -God is here. 
Friday, after a long and winding tale of months of symptoms, our oldest daughter finally got in to see an ENT (ear, nose, throat doctor) for answers. Almost immediately she was diagnosed with “migraine related vertigo.” I’d never heard of painless migraines before. Blood pressure meds are used to control the associated chronic dizziness. An MRI was ordered and we were told to come back in a month.
Poor kid, she can hardly drive or read! Because of the vertigo, her eyes won’t “track” without vibrating. A very strange thing to watch. How was she going to manage college until these symptoms got better??
Walking away, we decided to try and find any eye doctor available on short notice to see if they could offer some help or advice for reading. An optometrist in town had a slot open if we could hurry. After a fairly quick assessment, he showed great concern and asked if we would mind having a “field test” run. 
Bottom line we were told she is half-blind in both eyes (!), seeing only the outer portion of what’s viewed (imagine holding a small disc between your eyes!!!). She had NO idea, as her brain had been compensating by making up the rest of the lost picture.
Now we wait (over the holiday weekend) for Friday afternoon’s MRI to be read and then see what a neurologist has to say as to why… So many questions. Yet God is steady -remaining the same: strong, faithful, loving, listening, working for the good of those who love Him.
“My Lord, Who holds the answers, show us the way forward. Use this too…”
ForGlorySake! –Anna 
 Sarah & roommate Rachel ❤️ 

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  1. Elizabeth Begley says:

    Thank you for informing us of the details. I am praying fervently for Jehovah Rapha to heal Sarah, and for her eyes to bow to the powerful Name of Jesus and be healed! Thank you Lord for healing Sarah! Amen! I am praying for you too Anna – I love you!

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