Old Dog, New Tricks

So… our out-of-state college kid came home this summer and whipped us into shape! He’s been away studying hard, working out and returned all buff and muscular. Enthusiasm  must be contagious because he’s motivating some “older” dogs ( I won’t name names) around here to eat healthier and lift weights. Leave it to the Chemical Engineer to research and lay out the facts. I discovered I didn’t (nor have EVER) eaten enough calories to sustain my basic body functions (BMR) while providing enough to adequately fuel my exercise habits. He explained I was starving myself. This lack of “macro nutrients” was severely slowing my metabolism down. As much as 40% Yikes! David’s data was not much better. We are both in a “metabolic recovery” phase now 🙂
I also learned that while aerobic exercise (like running) is good, it only elevates the metabolism for 60 minutes, while weight resistant exercises (lifting, pushing, pulling weights) elevates the old sluggish metabolism for 48 HOURS. Go weight-lifting! So, as “macro-nutrients” definitely include carbohydrates… I’m no longer cutting those like I was and I’m on to “clean eating.” See, I told you a new thing would appear.
Still -no white flour, no white sugar, we are trying for everything in its most natural form. I’m back to the old homeschool days when I was grinding our wheat (love my Whisper Mill!) to make muffins and even cookies. I use coconut oil and raw cane sugar or honey to sweeten. At the store, I saw Stevia mixed with raw sugar for baking, but haven’t tried that yet. So far so good, with passing the taste test and getting these items into the lunch bags. School started here and I’m back to work. It helps me when we are all on the same page. I love it when everyone gets on board.
So that’s the update on the health front. School is back in swing, my work responsibilities are increasing and our 20 year old, newly married son is now an EMT – pretty cool. I pray for God to use us daily and that we will all stay strong and healthy to be useful in whatever He calls us to do! Thank you research-kid, may this help others looking for a few new tricks.
Here’s a link to discover your Macro needs: http://www.iifym.com/iifym-calculator/
ForGlorySake! Anna
Figs from our tree…

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  1. Deborah Etheriedge says:

    Great! Proud of Tip. Proud of Ben!
    Deborah Etheriedge

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