Wonderful Season of Life

Raising adult children is so… different. Different from when they were little- that’s for sure! With our kids 14-25, the people that come through our house are independent thinkers and doers! They are not the little children that once needed us to tell them what to do. They have thoughts, plans, hopes and dreams that belong to them alone.
I like hearing what’s been going on (developing) in their minds; all the opinions being formed. At times I have cringed -at other times I’ve melted. They’re learning to think for themselves. They are becoming their own unique people.
Not everything has gone according to “plan”… very little actually. They have differed from us on likes and dislikes, music, dress, schedules and sometimes hot topics like religion and politics. But it’s OK! David and  I have wanted God (especially) to be their own personal God and not just some tradition they learned from us.
It’s scary to let kids go and become. It’s scary sometimes to see them experiment and test ideas. It can be difficult to listen with mutual respect (!) to their “opinions of the month.” We have had great discussions with our kids that sometimes ended with agreeing only that we love each other and that loving others should be our #1 goal.
My favorite thing is that they call us out on our stuff. They’re watching, weighing, deciding… and it helps us be honest. We as parents are  pushed to re-evaluate. I love them more for seeing another side of an issue. I admire their heart that’s developing.
If you’re surrounded by little ones, you need to know life wiIl open up Big and wonderfully through the eyes of your children. It’s an amazing adventure I wouldn’t trade for anything. It will challenge all of your diplomatic skills, but it is a wonderful season of life!!!
ForGlorySake! -Anna

A few of the kiddos we love….

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