Eyes to See

My precious pig-tailed girl filled a bucket with shells. It seemed that her little hands picked up everything she saw. At 6, I knew she meant to take each piece back home to Atlanta…. adding to the growing pile accumulating at our beach rental. 

Running to me holding up one more broken fragment of a shell, I gently suggested, “How about you only keep the pretty ones.” She turned her surprised green eyes upward and said, “This is pretty, Momma… you just can’t see it.” Oh children have this way of speaking such truth!

From the mouths of children and nursing babies You have ordained praise on account of  Your adversaries, so that You might put an end to the vindictive enemy. Psalm 8:2

As I swam in the ocean with this very same child, nearly grown now, I was reminded again how quickly I have been to pass by and not notice beauty. God’s beauty. Whether in a person, or a day, or even an experience.

Sometimes I need help to see all the priceless moments. Life is a gift, not something to get through, but something to unwrap. Monday’s that feel like drudgery,  unexpected interruptions, mundane chores. All of these offer potential beauty if I will accept them as gifts from God… if  only I’ll look for His blessing.

God give me Your eyes to see all the pretty shells ❤️

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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