What Are You Eating?

My grown kids come through the door on whatever break they’re having and wonder “what on earth are you eating now,mom??” I’m always changing and tweaking, finding something new to try in the way of nutrition and diet.

Lately it’s  been low-carb/high protein, no sugar (go stevia). I’ve cut back on any veggies and fruits high in carbs, and am trying a little lean meats and low-carb dairy – always careful to avoid chemicals and hormones. I’m also into weight-lifting (free weights) exercises, as I read around 50 yrs old we lose muscle-mass everyday! 

These changes have quickly brought my weight to where I wanted it to be for our son’s wedding and is also helping me build muscle mass. One supplement I added is a powder  called BCAA (on Amazon). Mixed with water, it has no caffeine, no sugar, no chemicals – just simplified protein. A super pre or post workout drink that aids in muscle recovery. The watermelon flavor is the best.

I’ve been: vegetarian, fat-free, whole foodie, vegan, gluten-free and now low-glycemic-index. Whatever plan I’m currently on – is the one I like best. Next year might bring something new depending on what I feel my body needs. The important thing is I stay aware of general good nutrition, with careful observation of how my body is reacting. Eating food in its most natural form is also important to me. 

Eat something healthy, God says you’re worth it!


My friend Alex’s German low-carb bread 🙂
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