What Are You Eating?

My grown kids come through the door on whatever break they’re having and wonder “what on earth are you eating now,mom??” I’m always changing and tweeting and finding something new to try in the way of diet, nutrition and exercise!
Lately it’s “low-carb/high protein,” still no sugar and I’m really into weight-lifting (using free weights). Because around 50 yrs old we lose muscle-mass everyday!!! I’m regulating any veggies (❤️❤️❤️) and any fruits high in carbs, but freely eat meat (!), cheese and low-carb dairy products, always careful to avoid chemicals and hormones. Go stevia!
This quickly brought my weight to where I wanted it to be for our son’s wedding (hooray) and is also helping me build muscle mass. One supplement I’ve added is a powder mixed with water called “BCAA” (on Amazon). It has no caffeine, no sugar, no chemicals – just simplified protein. A super pre or post workout drink that aids in “muscle recovery.” We love the watermelon flavor.
This exercise & diet change has been a good one for my body. At almost 50… I’ve been: vegetarian (younger years), fat-free (teenager), whole foodie (organic, all natural grains, sugar etc) while having children,  Vegan, Gluten-Free and now “low-glycemic-index” …being mindful of  the knowledge I’ve gained previously. 
Right now I like this plan best… However, next year might bring something new depending on what I feel my body needs. The important thing is general good nutrition, careful observation and staying close to nature (as in food in its most natural form). I’m very keen to try the “raw-food” plan or even “frutarian-ism” 😉 Maybe next time.
Eat something healthy, God says you’re worth it!
 Low carb snack favs: Savi seeds, , Lilly’s chocolates❤️ Quest Natural Bars (Amazon), Vega protein shakes (Costco), J&J Criiters pork rinds (their website on-line)…

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