The Process

I pray and pray until I’m out of words… And God says –be quiet now. I ask Him to hurry and do something… And He says – don’t rush Me, it’s the process that matters. The steps to completeness are blessed.

He tells me there is Joy in the journey. 

But, how can this wandering-part be enjoyable? Don’t You see It’s messy and long and precarious. Don’t You see the potential disaster? …I don’t like waiting, I want to see this one I love be made whole. 

He tells me –before I began the world I knew how things would go… I did not make humans to be perfect. I stated only, “it is good.” I planned for human error, imperfection and choice. It’s in the mishaps that Glory shines. It’s in the mistakes that Grace takes over. I never planned on human perfection.

The process to maturity in Christ is the story. Each pain and trial is useful, because this is what makes the testimony. Rest – pray – wait and see. God is working, The I AM is moving at His speed in His way, using EVERYTHING for His Glory, for our good.

“Oh patient, wooing, active God, stay jealous for us. Help me wait it out trusting that You have a plan to use each and every circumstance today to change and mold hearts. Give us a great story! In Jesus’ name”

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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