The Stuff of Life

Yesterday I had a bit of a meltdown. Somewhere between the creative staging of each room of our house by the real estate photographer (which involved moving ALL of our personal items/knick-knacks out of the way!), and the thought of showing this house we live in – in said manner… I began to feel overwhelmed.
As soon as the crew left, I was overcome with a familiar dark cloud. Now let me say, I loved raising my kids, even with all the chaos surrounding…. but the “stuff” they brought to our home was another story. It grew on me like a weight. I wondered how long I’d have to keep bags of hand-me-down clothes, shoes and toys, and where on earth new Christmas presents would go. It was a constant juggling of things: a secret cleaning out, giving away and organizing. 15 years passed before we moved the kids to another house. What a monstrous job, but oh the joy to give and give and give away!!!
Now that moving had begun I was feeling that overwhelming burden of stuff….again. I ran to my closet, a great place to pray quietly (even when no one is home). I cried out to the LORD, “I’m overwhelmed,” then I waited for His comforting…
My first thought was,
“What is your problem? Didn’t you just do this 2 years ago? Didn’t you glean and purge and finally find peace? Aren’t these the things you decided were your ‘treasures’ -to keep? You can either be burdened by them all over again or thankful for each memory and grateful they’re still here as reminders. These things are only temporary anyway… You can’t take them with you!
My, my what a change of heart. I asked God for forgiveness for my grumpy, silliness, and immediately thanked Him for changing my outlook. I popped up and came back out to some shelving that held photo books of our family, shells from beach vacations and pottery projects the kids had made for me. I saw with new eyes the love we all shared in gifts given to each other. I even found renewed strength to carry a few more boxes out to the car.
“Thank You again LORD for Your mercy and grace whenever I need it. You are a great God full of wonder and gentleness toward me. I love that You care and hear and answer when I call for help. Truly, everything comes from You, happens through You and ends up in You. All Glory!” (Rom. 11:36)
One bite at a time, that’s how you eat an elephant, and if we learn a little something along the way… Well that’s just good for the stuff of life!
ForGlorySake! Anna

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