For more than 10 years I’ve hosted a women’s Biblestudy in my house. What started as a mom’s play group among friends, morphed into a real searching of God’s Word. As the years passed and our kids grew older, we have studied many books of the Bible through gifted writers and speakers. Our current teacher is Jennifer Rothschild (Missing Pieces).

She said something that has stuck in my head.  Jennifer equated manna to our “daily bread” Jesus said pray for each day. Manna was God’s daily provision of food to the Israelites during their wilderness wandering. She challenged, “What is the Manna God has brought into your life today? Like the Israelites, are you  focused more on what you are NOT receiving from God, that you’re missing out on incredible blessings of what He has offered?” Hmmm.

I just haven’t been able to muster up the motivation to pack. Between working all day and general home-life I feel pooped. I think I’m secretly waiting for Moving Fairies to appear and blink everything away. God has provided again and again, but I don’t think He does that… Come on inspiration. Stacks of boxes and the memory of disheveled-upheaval are weighing heavy. Surely my reluctance to disturb the peace and sanity at home will not overcome all He will do through me. Like 2 years ago, this must be done!

My gratitude-list begins today with: strong arms, legs, and organizational skills. These are my manna my provision. Know your strengths. I’ll stay clear of doing our finances and any major house renovation, instead, I’ll take what God has given me and remember I am receiving His provision today.

The LORD will continually guide me and satisfy my desire in the emptiest of places. He will give strength to my bones and I will be like a watered garden, like a spring of water who does not run dry! Isaiah 58:11

Emptiest of places?? What could be more empty than an empty house? 


just carry me away in the laundry basket
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