My dear friend, I’ll call her “Jewel,” has a heart for children the size of Texas. She’s forever caring for and housing little needy ones in addition to her 8 (2 of which are now grown & moved out). 
Not long ago after the adoption of yet another “gift of God,” her family was asked to take “for a time” other small family members related to that baby. This seemed completely overwhelming. How would they all manage? 
Finances became critically stretched, not to mention space in the small 4 bedroom home. Babysitting problems grew as there was no vehicle large enough to transport all the family at one time. 
As Christmas was fast approaching, I saw desperation in my friend’s face. How could they adequately provide for all these little ones God had entrusted to them?
Unknown to the family of now 13, someone submitted their story to a local Christian radio station and just before the holidays a crew of folks bearing “answers to every prayer” knocked on Jewel’s door…
Miracles do happen! Sometimes it’s at our breaking point, but God is a giver of grace, especially when we’ve said “yes” to whatever He’s asked. Many times in our efforts to obey, we find ourselves overwhelmed. I’ve certainly been there! Yet, God is aware and He will supply ALL our needs (as He did Jewel’s) according to the riches of His Glory in Christ Jesus! (Phil 4:19)
“Sometimes obeying God in a matter will be the hardest thing we’ve ever done in our lives. We are not wrong to feel. We are only wrong to disobey. Hash it out with God. Ask for the cup to be removed. But resolve to do His will, no matter what. Glory is at stake.”- Excerpt From: Moore, Beth. “Believing God Day by Day”

God will provide

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