God often asks me to wait. I pray and then see nothing happening. I pray more… and begin to get frustrated. “Move, God, move!” Just me, or you too?  I’m not looking for a Fairy-Godfather… Poof, you have your wish! But I want assurance I’ve been heard, my concern has merit, and action in some form will be taken. How I long sometimes for a progress report of what’s going on from His side of things.
Marinate – “to soak… as to soften, cleanse, or extract some elements.”
God, however, sees my need to steep a little right where I am. He’s into softening up any hardness in the heart area and He uses the time between -asking for His help and seeing the actual outcome- to cleanse me. (“Walk with Me by faith, child, and NOT by sight”). I assume more than any other element He’d like to extract pride from me. After all that was the original sin, right? …I can figure this thing out myself. I can do this on my own. Surely, I know best. If I were God, I’d…
Marinating is about adding flavor as well. “Enhance the juices, bring out the best in this piece of tough meat, by soaking it overnight,” that’s what the cooking shows say. Waiting isn’t pointless or mean. It’s not even that God needs more time to work out all the details before He’s clued me in on His ultimate plan. I’m the one changing… softening… being purified and flavored with good things.
“My soul, wait only upon God and silently submit to Him; For my hope and expectation are from Him.” Psalm 62:5 Amplified Bible.
“LORD, as I wait on You to move (in us, through us and for us), have Your way in me. Create in me something lasting and worth keeping. Use this time for Your Glory as I soak in more of all that You are. I will wait patiently on You.”
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