When I pray and pray and see nothing happening, I can get so frustrated. “Move, God, move!” …I’ve known Him for years, and I still long for progress reports from His side. It’s not that I want – Poof, you get your wish, But I so desire acknowledgment. Still, God makes me wait. 

Marinate – “to soak, soften, cleanse, and extract some elements.”

Marinating is about adding flavor, soaking to bring out the best in a tough piece of meat. As I wonder why He makes me wait… I see that using time, the time in between, softens up any hardness of heart. Walk with Me by faith, child, NOT by sight.

Waiting isn’t pointless. It’s not even that God needs more time to work out the details. I assume more than any other sin God wants to extract pride from me: I know best, I can figure this out. I can do it my way. Surely, if I were God, I would… Ugh.The waiting has a purposeI’m the one who is changing, softening, being purified and flavored with good things. 

 LORD, as You make me wait on You to move, have Your way. Take my pride and leave me soft.  Use this time for Your Glory as I soak in more of all that You are.

“My soul, wait only upon God and silently submit to Him; For my hope and expectation are from Him.” Psalm 62:5 


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