Me, a Professional?

Surely if you’ve done something repeadedly for 20+ years you’re considered an expert …of some sort. 
Plugging away at my new office job has granted me a fresh respect for the 9-5 workforce! There’s much to learn and I’m thankful for the daily help and patient willingness of others to explain each new task. I am gaining from another’s experience.
After 3 months, I may look like I know what I’m doing behind my desk, but I’m just starting out. On the other hand, many years of being a wife and mom have granted me the title, “Professional.” I actually have something I can teach on those subjects! If you’ve got years of marriage and motherhood under your belt- you do too!
We are Called Ambassadors, (long-time-married) Ladies. Ambassadors for God, just as Paul wrote in the New Testament, and we are commissioned to lead the younger women coming along behind us. 
We are exhorted to encourage “newer” wives and mom’s to do what is good, to love their husbands and children, to live wisely and shoot for purity, to care for their homes and live with respect toward their Honey’s. We are to lead by example.
This is a job where the yielded to God are truly considered Professionals. Both mistakes and successes are treasures of wisdom. Areas where we blew it can be avoided by another. Successes we enjoyed can be passed on as well. Our experience is valuable. It’s a gift to be shared.
I so appreciate the “older” women who’ve encouraged my motherhood and marriage along the way. I pray you’ll seek out and find a “younger” woman to invest in, someone you can bless with your rich professional expertise… 🙂
ForGlorySake! Anna   

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