Breathing Room

Like each previous school year, our house churns and swirls with new schedules and plans for 7 individuals. Its exciting and a tad chaotic, but oh, how I love these people I do life with.

With 1 totally on his own, and 3 in college by this fall (gasp!), my focus has narrowed to the  youngest 2 girls. The baby, midway through middle school has turned out to be quite the companion after so much time together spent caring for my parents (and homeschooling). Actually each of our kids have been brought closer to us and each other through by this unique experience of in-home elder-care. They are becoming our friends… as age permits.

With parents tucked safely in Heaven, I’m back in the swing of working for my husband’s law firm. Days have a bit more predictability… there’s even time for daily exercise, art and reading! Isn’t life funny how it can change so abruptly? Truly God is the only solid rock. He is who I wait on to show me the next step. In Him I find all my Hope. He gives me breathing room for my soul. Let the ground quake, my feet stand firm!

Last night our post-prodigal child, who serves Jesus with all his heart asked his best friend and soul-mate to share life with him. My husband and I cried as we thought through all that God had done to bring that moment about. What a good God, what a patient God, what a romantic God. Always more than we ask or think… when we yield… working on our behalf… when we obey. Patiently, graciously ready.

“Let all that I am wait quietly before God, For my Hope is in Him.” Psalm 62: 5 “He’s a solid rock under my feet, breathing room for my soul.” Psalm 62:6

ForGlorySake! – Anna

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