Big Plan

Home. Our vacation was wonderful… I’d have been happy to have stayed on, but I’m thankful to be home too. We leave again soon to sprinkle ashes near my parent’s favorite summer spot.  So many changes, so much up in the air (like what’s next for us…) and yet, I’m feeling content.
I look around the house and see lots of things I need to accomplish. We have decisions to make but aren’t getting any clear answers from God. I should feel turmoil, yet I know (after too many years of pushing!) that God has His plan and His own timetable. My loving Heavenly Father, Who knows my name and cares  -is in control. He will direct today, tomorrow and beyond. His dreams are so much bigger than mine. Those are the dreams I want to know, because He can make them happen!
For me, there’s no more “my way” (how foolish), there’s just “His Way” (so Glorious!). And to think I get to come along with Him for the ride. Everyday, each moment, watching as He answers with “awesome deeds” (Psalm 65:5), changing hearts right in front of me, working things together for a greater good. I can count on it! Even in the midst of world chaos or the confusion of social issues –God is at work!
You have your own ministry and so do I. We are fellow heirs (Gal. 4:7) to God’s Kingdom; being fitted together into a holy temple (Eph 2:22). We serve God just as we are, wherever we are as we commit ourselves to Him. Our prayers matter… our concern matters… our hearts feeling “pulled” by another’s life matters.  He is molding us to be more like His Son.
Because He promised.
Because we ask.
Because He wants it more than we do.
So today, I’ll make my list of “to dos,” and lay out the bills to pay. I’ll fill up my calendar with necessary appointments and sit at my desk and work hard, but I won’t forget The One with the Plan. He’s busy where I can’t see. If I listen closely I can hear Him calling, “Walk with Me,” “Be with Me,” “Know Me, because I long to be known by you,” -I am the God, Who loves you with an everlasting love.

Sunset Art by God

Sunset Art by God

ForGlorySake! -Anna

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