It Is Well

Rest. Peace. Quiet. 
Some words that come to mind since my mom passed mid-May. Yesterday, the last day before leaving town for a few weeks, I went kayaking alone on a nearby creek. Normally I would have been a flutter with last minute cleaning and organizing, but instead I forced myself to paddle slowly, float a little and look around me.

Pretty cool all the wildlife I saw as I rowed along. Usually hard to spot, turtles were right and left. Maybe it’s just taking the time to watch for them. They are surprisingly fast in the water! I wondered if they laugh at humans and how slow we are in their turf?

God amazed me with His intricate detail to creation… so many tiny things. Spiders that walk on water. Groups of minuscule gnats flitting and hovering in clouds just above the surface. Why did He do all this? I wondered if it was more fun to create these treasures or reveal them to humans?

I left refreshed. God is so big, yet He felt close and personal. He made a Universe and still had interest in small bugs.  He always seems to take the time with me when I stop and take the time for Him. 

May was a whirlwind of activity. We celebrated my mom’s safe passage to Heaven, 2 birthdays, a graduation, several graduation parties and the final days of school for 5 kids! Whew, my mom always said May stood for Mayhem.

Every death brings with it many details to be tied up… yet for now  my husband has planned an escape for just the 2 of us. He wants time with me and I agree it’s the best way for us to regroup and rejuvenate.

ForGlorySake! -Anna 

have fun!
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