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Freedom! After a harrowing week of watching another of my parents slowly succumb to death’s tight cords, my mom died May 17th, 2015. I have been caring for her and my dad since before 2010.

Death, my dear reader, is not pretty. As I’ve said before, there was no dignity in what I saw (either time). Without the experienced aid of Hospice staff, I would’ve sunk into utter helplessness. It was a long slow wait for relief. And a great anticipation for Jesus to come and bring freedom.

As quickly as the last breath, joy came, and fresh air, and the beauty of knowing my mom was released from this world into God’s Glorious Kingdom! I wanted to cry because it had been a hard birth for her, but I also wanted to laugh, because just as a mother forgets the pains of labor in the face of their newborn… I couldn’t stop smiling knowing she was there and she was free!

That final week, I told her, her dying was the last labor she’d ever have to deal with. This was the biggie, she was the baby and Jesus was just on the other side to receive her. We were there only to assist as far as we could. She wasn’t able to speak at that point, but she squeezed my hand. She understood.

I think she did a valiant job and I’m so thankful she’s on the other side! With my dad, forever. Some may feel I’m lacking proper emotions for the death of a parent. Some have even said, what I’ve lost hasn’t hit me yet. They may be right. Only time will tell. But today, I have Joy overflowing for so many reasons!

My parents have run their race and finished well. They left us a good heritage and lots of laughter! They worked hard and provided us with a path to follow Home. We have fun memories and wonderful family connections (if not too many nicknacks). I have seen death face to face and KNOW for certain it is NOT the Victor! 

The Bible is right- Jesus Wins.

ForGlorySake! -Anna 

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