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Three weeks ago as the warm weather arrived… I pulled some old shorts from my closet. I was horrified to find that that they didn’t fit! What??? I fluctuate a bit over the month :/ but have weighted relatively the same since my last pregnancy 13 years ago. I hadn’t been on a scale since my Dr. appointment last summer, so I decided to find one and jump on. Shock & dismay… 15lbs!!! How in the world can an exercising vegan gain 15lbs?!

I Googled “fat vegan” and surprisingly it’s a common topic. The more I read the more I realized my thyroid might be sluggish and of course I was to blame for not supporting its amazing functions. The thyroid is the seat of the metabolism and without getting too technical about it, we can eat to encourage all it is intended to do. Go Thyroid!!!

I set off on a quest reading about anything pertaining to health of the endocrine system, including all the receptors in the body that take our fabulous little hormones and convert them to fat burning tools. I’ll just say, without ANY crash dieting or extreme exercise, I’ve lost 13 of those unwanted pounds in about 3 weeks! Now that’s really crazy. This was solely my body doing what God designed it to do (stabilize) as I clear the path instead of building a roadblock!

Here’s how I began:

  1. Drink a mug of hot water and 2T. of lemon juice each morning, 1st off.
  2. Add a 50 Billion Probiotic daily to detox. Pricey, but really worth the money for at least one round.
  3. Eat 4 to 5, 300 calorie meals a day. This is what the thyroid likes best- small doses of nutrition at a time. Pick your own number of meals.
  4. Make sure each meal has about 3 oz of protein included. Yes, I’ve been eating hormone-free meat, fish, seafood or Yellow peas ground to flour which make an excellent protein powder. 
  5. Sprinkle food (even smoothies, etc.) with cayenne pepper. About 1/16 tsp daily.
  6. Add 1 T of Apple cider vinegar somewhere. I usually hide it in my smoothie.
  7. Search out strange and exotic Superfoods that stabilize blood-sugar, and naturally support thyroid function: Yerba Mate Tea, Maca Powder, Sacha Inchi Seeds, Yacon Syrup, Goji Berries. I ordered through Amazon. A little pricy, but only a little is needed each day.
  8. Drop the gluten, white sugar and caffeine from your diet. This was definitely the hardest. For the record, I  only cut-back on coffee! Do what you can 🙂
  9. Add in any coconut products. Coconut is another Superfood Coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut meat, coconut water, coconut flour, coconut sugar. Just count the calories!
  10. AVOID all raw Goitrogenic foods. This made the biggest difference for me! This list includes; kale, spinach, broccoli, turnip greens, mustard greens, cauliflower, millet cabbage, peaches, strawberries, pears, pine nuts, radishes, Bok Choy, cabbage, peanuts (ALL of these should be cooked).

Soy was the only “Don’t Eat” I could find

There’s so much on the Do Eat list, you won’t miss a thing. Here’s a link if you’d like to start your own research.


In the meantime raw sunflower seeds, seaweed, eggs, molasses and 2 Brazil nuts a day will give you a happy thyroid and happy health!

ForGlorySake! -Anna

Another great resource
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