Break of Dawn

“God is in the midst of her, she shall, not be moved; God shall help her just at the break of dawn.” Ps 46:5
These words were written in Psalms about the “City of God.” They aren’t about me, but I wish they were. Like a personal message from Heaven, I’d love to hear my text signal go off and look down to these words, with “you’s” in place of all the “her’s.”
That would be cool!
The truths are there. All through scripture God tells us He’s in our midst, reminding us again He will help and He does rescue. So what’s the crisis? I’m wearing out. Call me a wimp, but I’m just tired. How sad if I miss out on this last stretch; if I give up at the final mile. I’ve been warned again and again, care-givers can lose their compassion…
It hasn’t been consistent however. Somedays, I wakeup refreshed and ready, only to wear thin by noon or evening. Other days, it’s like dragging through oatmeal all day long, talking myself out of running away. Shocked? Don’t be. I’m told it’s quite normal and… I haven’t followed through, yet.
What we have chosen to do here (care for the elderly in-house) is not entirely revolutionary (it’s all there was for 1000s of years!), but non the less it’s hard, daily and in need of a lot of support. I certainly won’t be shy in sharing these struggles so others can make clearly informed choices about their own parent’s care. -Better? Maybe so. Easier? No way. Fore sure, without Crossroads Hospice, I would be sunk.
Hope For The Caregiver is still my favorite practical help-you book. Peter Rosenberger says to follow the “1,2,30” plan:
1 thing a week just for me
2 weeks a year of “vacation” (1 day a week OFF for a year=2 weeks).
30 minutes of laughing a day.
He also warns caregivers will get hit by FOG (Fear, Obligation & Guilt), but that God’s GPS will guide us: (Grace, Purpose & Stewardship)… and he explains it so well!
One thing I know for certain – it is grace that covers me, purpose pushes me to continue and it’s totally up to God how He will use the stewardship I offer Him today.
ForGlorySake! -Anna




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