The Memorial

“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.” anonymous
Well, it finally happened. We had the memorial celebrating my Dad’s life and it was wonderful! The most amazing aspect was all the family that gathered together at our house. My 3 sisters with their crews arrived Friday. 1 extra cousin-clan joined us and we ALL ate pizza! I think I counted 25.
With threat of icy roads we headed to sleep (late!). Saturday was cold, but clear 🙂 The funeral home filled up with familiar old faces. So many hugs, funny stories and sweet eulogies. Great visiting ended too soon! Dad would’ve loved it!
Back at our house I counted 40 for BBQ- cousins, cousins, cousins. The DVD slide-show played over and over as we caught up on too many lost years. Why does it take a death to bring family together? Before we realized, it was 12am.
Sunday, church on-line with coffee, quiche and quiet visits with Gma. Family gathered again for lunch out. Too fun. Too short. Too sad it had to end. If I could’ve- I would’ve done it years ago, before he got sick.
Throw a party, invite family, take lots of pictures and write down all the contact information you can gather! Even the clean up will be worth in the end.
ForGlorySake! Anna

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4 Responses to The Memorial

  1. Nancy White says:

    You said it all dear Anna! You have a special star in your crown for being the most loving and patient care giver a family could ask for. To our heavenly Father be the glory! Nancy White

  2. LizC says:

    Not all the familiar faces were old, right!?!

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