Hope For the Caregiver

I’ve read this verse countless times, but I never once thought about it the way I am today:

“Be strong and courageous, do not be discouraged, for the LORD will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

I do not feel strong. As a matter of fact my back is killing me by the end of each day. It”s because of  bearing more and more of my dad’s weight. He has changed rapidly from: walking solo, to using a walker, to barely standing, to only sitting – and not straight! In the last 10 days he’s had a complete decline. It takes 2 of us to move him from bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to recliner. He can no longer help with his feet at all.

I should’ve taken a course on all this, but it has come so very fast. I’m thankful for YouTube videos and Hospice to teach me. It is time for a hospital bed to be brought in, but my mom does not want this yet. It is hard for her. I am feeling quite discouraged as each morning brings a new challenge we never considered before. Our family has had to be creative on the spot since Hospice can’t reach the house before something must be done.

The more hands available really help. Thank God we have so many people here. Everyone has been on call. Each of our kids has put in their strengths and creativity these last few days. Yesterday, Grandma had what seemed like a small stroke. It was very odd and different from my Papa’s episodes. We all waited and she recovered her speech, but something is different about her. Everything is always different. Not much to depend on.

And yet… the LORD is with us! Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He doesn’t leave when it’s messy or difficult. He is not daunted by weight transfers or diaper changes. He’s seen it all and knows everything humans go through. He’s promised to stick with us and only because of that, I will go, where He has called, and trust, in His strength.

ForGlorySake! -Anna

EXCELLENT! devotional by Peter Rosenberger
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