…and then some.

Last week I posted about seeking abundant grace, knowing He would bring it. That very day, I let my daily care-helper off for a  trip. No worries, some family is coming. That night, my mom (79) fell backwards in the bathroom, on the tile, splitting her head open, too close to her implanted shunt for hydrocephalus.

It took 2 of us to hold this tiny feisty woman down, who did NOT believe she was injured, even after seeing several photos of the blood pooling! She adamantly refused the help of 911. Thankfully, as I hold medical POA, they did their jobs anyway. We all headed off to the ER. Our son (again rode in the ambulance which has only confirmed his desire to start EMT training in January!)

My mom started to come out of her fog as we waited on CT results. Even I have lost count how many times we have been in one hospital or another! They showed told her this new wound needed special care and that a Subdural Hematoma (bleeding on the brain) was present. They wanted 24 to observe her progress. 

Immediately gritted teeth, angry eyes appeared. Loud No’s and banging on the bedrail began. She repeated, she WAS NOT STAYING IN THE HOSPITAL! I asked to speak with the doctors outside. As she can never be intubated again due to trachea scaring and the fact that her living will has DNR (do not resuscitate), I asked if she could be released to return home on Hospice care?

They agreed and we came home to Papa. Now we are watching and waiting with Hospice, Praise God! She never has to go to the hospital again. Hospice comes to us ❤️ I am so blessed by their helpful services.

We don’t know what the future holds. We are told  We are not this may be the it…  We joke that their lovely apartment is now a waiting room for relocation. No one is shy to speak of death. Grandma is ready to go! Papa is less aware, but certainly prepared. Such a curious time. No one is sad, not yet. Just more thoughtful, in every way.

ForGlorySake! – Anna

Happy to be home!
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