…and then some.

Last week I posted about being dry, seeking abundant grace and believing He would bring it.
That very day I told my daily (sanity-saving) caregiver to go ahead and take the trip-of-a-lifetime just offered to her. No worries family is coming.
That night, my mom (79) fell backwards in the bathroom, on the tile, splitting her head open, right beside her implanted shunt for hydrocephalus. It took 2 of us to hold this tiny feisty woman down, who did NOT believe she was injured, even after showing her several photos of the blood pooling under her head (I’ll spare you)!
She adamantly refused the help of 911, but thankfully they did their jobs anyway and off we all went to the ER. My son (Ben AGAIN rode in the ambulance and was even more confirmed about his new choice to begin EMT training in January!)
My mom started to come out of her fog as we waited on the CT results.
They showed that her wound needed special care being so very close to her shunt tubing and …that a Subdural Hematoma (bleeding on the brain) had formed under her skull.
They told us we would have 24 to know which way this would go for her… as in life or death, but that it did not look good given her age.
Immediately the gritted teeth, angry eyes and banging on the bedrail began! She said she WAS NOT STAYING IN THE HOSPITAL! I asked to speak with the Dr’s outside.
As she will never again have surgery (she can’t be intubated due to a trachea stricture) and her living will says DNR (do not resuscitate), I asked, was there any reason why I couldn’t take her home (hopefully on Hospice!) to be with my dad?
They agreed and we have stayed ever since- watching -waiting and ON HOSPICE! That means we never have to go back to the hospital again with either of them, Thank God❤️ I am so blessed by Crossroads Hospice and their helpful services.
I don’t know what the future holds. Especially since Mom’s made it this far. We are not shy about speaking of death. We joke that their lovely “apartment” downstairs is just a waiting room for their relocation Home. Mom is as ready to go as my Dad is more and more clueless of the life around him.
Such a curious time, but not sad, not yet. Just more “thoughtful” in every way.
ForGlorySake!- Anna


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