When the going gets tough… and stays tough.

Our family has weathered some storms. We’ve hung together and toughed it out, but this newest venture is a doozie. Maybe it’s the grace of time that has smoothed over my memory and I’m not recalling just how long and hard my husband’s battle with colon-cancer was, the ensuing financial pit or our son’s drug addiction and recovery years.
Honestly folks, dealing with my parent’s illnesses is leaving me feeling wiped-out physically, emotionally, …even spiritually. It makes me think of working out a muscle group and focusing on one area. You get stronger and feel so accomplished only to try a different kind of exercise and discover just how weak you are in a another area!
Is that why God continues to “train” us in so many new ways? It must be a never ending job developing our perseverance so we can someday “be whole and complete lacking nothing.”
I think in-fact I should be sportin some mighty big faith-muscles by now. I think I should be stronger and wiser instead of so befuddled, cranky and ready to throw in the towel. I’m hoping we’re at the mid-point of a long, dark, tunnel and yet to turn the corner where the light is visible.
There are no guarantees however… even from Hospice who’s now come onboard to help us along. Sigh.
God has not abandoned me. There have been daily graces… people who share the load. Oh, and what a load it is. I could not have guessed. As with all things, that’s the best way.
I won’t trade my troubles for yours. Certainly I’m not ready for whatever you’re carrying. I will however be honest and say that this is hard and worthy of focused prayer to get me through. I’ll take all the support I can get. Who knows, after this, maybe then I’ll be strong 🙂
ForGlorySake!- Anna


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4 Responses to When the going gets tough… and stays tough.

  1. Deborah Etheriedge says:

    My dear sweet child, I am so sorry that you have had to experience such hard times. I think this is the hardest (from my experience) time. Dealing with unhealthy parents is about as hard as it gets. Thank God, you and David are in this together. Having both of your parents in their different illnesses makes it doubly hard. You are amazing. You take joy where you find it. I know that your Father sees you and loves you beyond measure. You are his “Anna”. I think that is a tremendous person to be. You are so greatly loved by so many people, not for what you do, rather for who you are in your Jesus. We love you mightily and are so glad you belong to us. There is no way we could be prouder. Love, John and Debby
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  2. Nancy says:

    Anna so sorry for all you have going on ….I know how hard it must be . You are in my prayers. If there is anything I can help with let me know.

  3. Thank you Nancy. I don’t know what to ask for, but prayer for my mom and her aggressive meanness. We have a new doctor through Hospice that has promised me help… I’m holding on until Monday at 11:30!

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