Knitting Love

My son told his story again. This time to a group of mothers. I found myself feeling heavy with guilt, “Where was I? – Why didn’t I see what was going on?” Every time he speaks I hear something new. Even though I’ve dealt with guilt before, it’s easily accessible.  

Later, driving alone in the car, it came back again.

God reminded me of the love my husband and I had poured into each child from the day they were born. Then He gave me an image: big loom weaving threads back and forth. I somehow knew those threads were love sewn day after day. They knit together, making a strong web of trust underneath our children. Incase they should fall. Ok, this was really cool. I could hardly see to drive, but I immediately felt better.

Then my face clouded as I thought of our oldest son who didn’t come to us until he was 18 years old. His mom had been unable to care for him and his siblings after his father passed away. I knew from his story there was love in the home, but so many of those core threads were cut at a critical time. “What about him, Lord?”  Again I saw that giant loom weaving threads to finish off a cloth.

Wow… God actually used our family to repair and build up the net so desperately needed.
I began to think of other relationships our family has entered. Having burned bridges with their own families, displaced kids stayed with us. I think it was easier for them to let people they had not hurt, love you. It’s a start.

My take-away was that God isn’t limited by human decisions. When we use His threads of love, they are eternal and healing.  Parents may fail, friends may fail, “the system” may fail …but God’s love never fails!

ForGlorySake! -Anna  

Love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13:8

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