Why Pray?

Prayer makes a difference! Off the cuff, planned out, alone, with a group, in your head or out loud, God IS listening. If you say, it’s totally a faith-thing, you’re absolutely right. Prayer is my life-line. It connects me to my Creator. It releases all the nagging worry and frustration into the hands of the only One who can do anything about it. Even more… it’s a tool God has given to use on behalf of others.

I used to get so frustrated sitting in our weekly parent support meetings listening to people say, “there’s really nothing any of us can do to help our kids.” Hogwash! I understand they have to make the choice to grab hold of sobriety, but we don’t have to sit by helplessly. We have been given an incredible resource, prayer.

I’ve seen it play out time after time. I’m not talking about ordering God around (as if we know what’s best), or treating God like a genie in a bottle, you rub for wishes. Those prayers are too simplistic. God sees a much bigger picture. He’s wanting lasting heart-change in all the parties concerned. So the question is, “What should I pray?”

Leaving the details to God, there’s one prayer that never fails,“You’re will be done.” I began to stand in the gap, also asking for what my child couldn’t:

  • that God would use this  for all it’s worth – not a moment or a lesson be wasted. Even if it hurt.
  • for wisdom to be gained, and a future and a lasting hope.
  • for mercy daily.
  • and grace in our relationship.
  • that he’d receive the mind of Christ: self-less, caring, giving, serving, God-honoring, purposeful thoughts.

I walked around the house, I prayed in his room. I knelt by his bed. Sometimes I just laid on his floor and cried out (when he wasn’t home of course). It’s not a formula, but I know God was listening. He hears the cries of the broken-hearted. Today, I see a young man who’s had miracles worked in him. He is serving others and living his life for Jesus!

And I haven’t stopped praying… 

ForGlorySake! -Anna

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans‬ ‭12‬:‭12‬
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