Not just another Graduation

In 72 hours our son, Ben will graduate. This will not be your average celebration. This is huge! He’s successfully come through 2 and 1/2 years of invaluable counseling from an incredible program with some of the most caring, loving, giving mentors I’ve ever come across. These folks saved our child’s life by “offering tools to live by” -if he so chose. The counselors at Insight have been consistent and focused examples on a daily basis. They truly understand the kids they work with because, they too went through recovery as teens. As nuts as I thought some of the program’s antics were, each event has had a purpose. Crazy hours (!), wacky group hang-outs and addict-to-addict “sharing” have all been part of Insight’s format. Counselor’s also share and empathetically listen … constantly encouraging, yet never enabling (something I’ve really had to work on). All this showed our son, over time, a better way to do life. Believe it or not, I thank God daily for this uncomfortable journey He’s taken us on. It’s opened my eyes to so, so much and it’s made an incredible person of our son! I like to think it has changed me too. I am especially grateful for all those God put in our path to help. From my friend Jeanine– in our moment of crisis, who told me who to call for help, to Marcos Sanchez– who met with us & with Ben, directing us to Insight. For ever-patient Director, Matt Myers– who met us at Insight’s door and took 2 more shaking parents into his office to calm their fears, to the talented Talbot– who brought Ben through outpatient (No easy job!!!) opening his eyes to “something better.” For wise Mike– who challenged Ben to be a leader -true to his own heart, to all the countless families in the program who have had our child sleep over, eat at their table, and/or ride in their car! We have been happy to do the same for yours. Lastly to the ones who gained sobriety first and told Ben, “You can do this, there’s life after drugs.” Thank you! Together you all are part of moving mind-altering substances out of the way, so our son can hear God for himself and grow into the man he was created to be! …This is what I celebrate. This is what I long for for each Person faced with addiction. “You should be (by all the stories I’ve heard) dead and yet, you are alive today -for a reason. How I pray that you’ll come to know, YOU ARE A MIRACLE and YOU are WORTH saving! -May God direct your path. ForGlorySake!Anna “THERE IS NO PIT SO DEEP THAT GOD’S LOVE IS NOT DEEPER STILL” -Corrie ten Boom

Enthusiastic Sobriety for Teens

Enthusiastic Sobriety for Teens

                                              LOVE YOUR ADDICT, GET INSIGHT!

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  1. Elizabeth Begley says:

    Anna, I Love your post. You are such a writer. This is such an encouragement to all of us. Ben has inspired and encouraged us all to live soberly ourselves, facing our individual challenges with his resolve and tenacity. Thank you Ben for sharing the good and bad of your journey with my own boys that they can live vicariously through you and not experience the pain you so bravely came through. God has such calling on your life, Ben and I am enjoying watching it unfold. I pray for you always and love you, Aunt Betsy

    • Thanks Sis, that means a lot that we can share all these experiences as a family. That’s what it’s all about right? Loving each other in-spite of/through the “worts.” Come see us soon!

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