Ouch, That's My Heart!

Love is a big gamble. When you open your heart and allow yourself to feel for someone else there’s an inevitability you’re going to get hurt. Not necessarily because they mean to hurt you, but definitely -as you draw closer- you will hurt with them and for them.

I’ve come to realize that the heart-ache and hurt I feel for someone else’s suffering brings with it an incredible by-product, a gift. My heart stretches bigger. The holiday video, “The Grinch That Stole Christmas” has this scene near the end, of the Grinch grabbing his chest, as his heart grows several sizes. It actually breaks the tiny box that holds it.

When someone I love is in pain, I tell God all about how I feel; how I think it stinks and hurts them and me. When the issue keeps on going, big, and ugly I feel hurt and frustrated. That’s when it’s time to stop all these swirling thoughts, frantic prayers and just sit with the hurt knowing it’s ok. Father God feels the pain with me.

I can trust He is aware and involved. It’s only my inability to figure out His plan that’s frustrating me. God will never be figured out or pinned down. That’s what makes Him God. Sometimes His work is so quiet and behind the scenes. Sometimes it’s out in front for all to see. Either way, God in His great timing and wisdom, knows how to bring beauty from ashes. He is all about reaping the biggest harvest of results… the best rewards from the messiest of lives.

Isn’t Jesus’ Life, Death, and Resurrection the perfect example?! Even my old grinchy heart can grow bigger in Him. Love and keep on loving; my family, my friends, my neighbor, a stranger (until they aren’t anymore). So worth the cost and risk to my heart. 

S T R E T C H!

 ForGlorySake! – Anna

Teach me how to love
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