I am of that infamous group, the “sandwich generation” – ones caring for parents while still raising their own children. The longer we do this crazy blended living we more we run into others doing the same thing. I look at our new life – as sorta having fallen into it. Is it something I would’ve chosen? I really never thought about it before it happened. My parents were so healthy and capable… until they weren’t.

When my husband and I began to seriously consider the idea of moving my parents in with our family, things began to happen fast. We have never felt so pushed forward. It all began to cascade in a big rush, not of our own doing. I hardly took a moment to realize how unprepared and unqualified I was to care for 2 people in their state.

My mother’s hydrocephalus and my dad’s progressive-dementia were just another bend in the road until all normal life stopped. The strangest thing to me was that God was never surprised. He knew. Definitely most amazing, was that He had a plan long before we even had a clue. Whether I can see it or not, He’s promised all things will be used for our good. I marvel to think that we haven’t begun to see all the ways yet.

When we walked in this house, I privately named the property “Interim.” God had proven Himself, Yaweh Yireh and this was His provision. But I knew from day one it was temporary. In all reality it can not last forever. So how will I fulfill my promise to do this thing that daily seems beyond me? How will I not become overwhelmed, tired and cranky, repeating a task for the millionth time?

My ever-loving Father sent me a reminder today: it’s ok to wonder why, and how, and ask again for help. It’s ok to know I can’t do it in my own strength or wisdom. I am so very limited, but He is not! He will help me in this interim.


lake behind the house
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