When my husband and I began to seriously consider the idea of moving my parents in with us things began to happen fast. We say now that we never felt so “pushed” forward. It was all rush rush and not of our own doing.
I am of that infamous “sandwich generation” – the ones caring for parents while still caring for and raising their own kids. The longer our family does this the more folks we seem to run into that are doing the same thing! Is it something I would’ve chosen? I look at it- this new life- as just having fallen into it. It’s right up there with the cancer my husband fought through 4 years ago… and the addiction crisis that revealed itself in our precious son 2 & 1/2 years ago.
My mother’s hydrocephalus and my dad’s dementia are just other bends in the road.
I’ve saId it before, but the strangest thing to me is that God was never surprised by any of it. Why did He not stop it then? Why not change it up? But who’s to say He didn’t? Either way-He knew. Definitely the most amazing thing is that He’s had a plan and a point for all of it. Whether I can see it or not, He promised that these “things” would be used for my good. I marvel to think that we still haven’t seen all those ways.
There has been a really great series that Andy Stanley has been doing at church recently called “In the Meantime” ( I had to laugh at the title because when we moved to this new house with parents in tow, I privately named the property “Interim.” This set up, like many of the situations we’ve found ourselves in the past, is temporary. In the grand scheme of things, it can not last forever. Yet when I’m tired and feeling cranky (like this week!) and doing a task for the 1,000,000th time… It’s not that easy to remember .
And so as my ever-loving Father always seems to do, He sent a message to remind me today that it’s ok to wonder why, and how, and say again I need help. And it’s also ok to know I can’t do it alone in my strength and my wisdom because I am so humanly limited! I was encouraged today to pray for myself and ask continually for His wisdom and strength for me… during this interim 🙂
Good timing! ForGlorySake –Anna

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  1. Anna, it’s amazing how Jesus holds us through difficult times. What would we do without Him. Your attitude to keep looking at Him and being grateful sets you up to receive His blessings. Sometimes other people don’t recognize our blessings, but we do. The small things can sometimes seem more amazing than the grandiose. Jesus sees the details. The fact that He knows what makes you smile and sends that your way and belly laughs w joy when you see the gift and smile… Oh what a happy thought.
    Love you my friend, Audrey Hancock Matt. 5:16 Sent from my iPhone

    • Thank you Audrey. I know you’ve had your share of hard times too as a missionary and mom. I remember your encouraging visit, the prayers yall prayed over David and me. I still have my little lion 🙂 Love you, my friend, Anna

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