Dirty Faith

David Z. Nowell, president of Hope Unlimited (one of our favorite ministries), wrote a book, Dirty Faith. It’s thought provoking and convicting having everything to do with his work in Brazil among street children. My husband and I love what this group does! Mr. Nowell challenges all followers of Jesus to take up an attitude of compassion and willingness to get involved -serving the least of these. I had to put the book down this morning to tackle other chores, but since I’ve got a moment… these are my practical thoughts:

Spending Myself
I don’t want to wash any more dishes, change sheets, or clean that bathroom, or come up with another meal. 

yet what if that were me?

So I sweep the floors, tidy the rooms, wash more clothes, hang them up, put away dishes, wipe off the counters…

because someday that might be me.

Drive to meet a young mother, take her baby and babysit, care and pray for them…

because that could’ve been someone I love.

Listen to a life-story, pray for the right words, hold a hand, cry, pray together…

because if that were me, I’d feel broken and lost.

Say, I love you, hug tightly, open our home, offer a bed, treat them like family, hope for the best…

because maybe I’ve been strategically placed.

love ’til it hurts, give expecting nothing, listen one more time, show compassion to whoever He brings…

because this is what He did for me.

Can I offer anything less than all I have, at this momentin this place? GET DIRTY with your FAITH!

ForGlorySake! -Anna

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