Wasps and Shugga

As much as I fretted over it, worried about it, thought I couldn’t come back to it… I’m back home caring for my parents and doing life!
Vacation was fun but not reality. When my sister asked if I was hiding in the closet with my bags still packed, I hated to admit it had crossed my mind. Do you think less of me? I’m selfish and weak …and without Jesus? Well, let’s don’t even go there.
It took a good kick-in-the-pants talking to myself, but I’m all in, heart and soul. I’d rather die trying to love all these folks God has graciously surrounded me with than live an isolated lonely life.
So far it’s been non-stop cleaning, cooking, driving, shopping, calling, paying, scheduling and weeding. I even killed a hornets nest up in a tree. And was later attacked by tiny wasps embedded in our front stone steps (that’s a 1st)!
“In the name of Jesus,” I told them not to sting my dad, who just stood in a cloud of nearly 100 swarming. He moves so slowly. He came through clean and I only got popped on one foot. I was astounded by God’s mercy.
Whether fixing another meal, scrubbing soiled carpet (again), or taking my dad for a car ride (he loves to ride anywhere), God goes with me and lightens the load.
Picking up our cute little flute player from high school band camp, I figured on a sad face as I was the last parent to arrive. Instead a big smile appeared as soon as she saw her Papa in the front seat. She understood why I was behind schedule. They grasped hands as he called out, “Hey Shugga!”
Ah that ever-available grace! He knows, he sees. I can trust this path to Him. He even sends a little Shugga with the stings šŸ˜‰
ForGlorySake! -Anna


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