Itch or No Itch!

I have to tell you what happened…
Family arrived, the sun was hot, waves were crashing, sand waiting- I was not gonna miss this! I hoped not to scare any little children and just went with the crowd. The rash I wrote of 2 weeks ago went right along with me.
Red and patterned with “streaks,” covering my back and right hip. The general consensus was I looked burned (lovely). But it was the itching that drove me bonkers.
Each day showed more evidence that daughter and mother did NOT have the same ailment! I googled my symptoms again and searched on until finding a similar-looking rash… from mushrooms??? I’ve never had a food allergy before. What unusual thing was I ingesting?
The only NEW product I had recently introduced to my diet was a vegan protein drink by Beachbody (creators of P90X). Shakeology. It’s full of “exotic superfoods” designed to support the immune system of all things. However, I think something in it didn’t like me. And looking online more specifically… I found a host of others it was making itchy also!
Those in my family who gave it a try, only a few developed 1 or 2 small red patches. Others saw nothing. I however, had been daily drinking my shakes -even as I endlessly itched. Never connecting the two.
Live and learn. In less than a week of my last sip I am nearly back to normal. I may never know the culprit by name (there are many strange & unfamiliar ingredients), or for absolutely sure if this is what caused my trial, but I will be a little more observant in the future. 😉


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