Itch or No Itch!

Our family reunion was wonderful! All of my husband’s immediate family joined us. We had never tried a summer gathering before. Unfortunately, his parents were not able to get away as they are now caring for the great grandmother. Interesting that David’s parents are just now caring for a parent… while we caring for mine!

My parents had 2 wonderful care-givers (friends of the family) with them at home. My oldest sister came earlier in the summer with her children and another sister, who comes from Florida frequently, came  to help out as well. Such a blessing to have family!

The sun was hot, waves crashing, sand soft, and I did not miss any of it, even with the rash! The red streaks, covering my back and right hip were visible the whole time, but also began to heal. The general consensus from the crowd was- I just looked sorta burned (lovely). A tan helped hide it a lot.

I am so thankful for this time away with our family. Even more special, God allowed us to enjoy it with aunts, uncles and cousins we see about once a year. It was all such a gift. I’m still a little dazed. The beach is so healing to me.

I may never know what caused my rash, or what purpose it had, but I will be much more careful working in the yard from here on out. Live and learn. And in the meantime, itch or no itch, God is good and He offers me rest and peace when I look to Him for it.

ForGlorySake! -Anna


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