Working Up An Attitude

“Discontentment is having what you don’t want, or wanting what you don’t have.” This phrase was spoken so often by my radio mentor Elisabeth Elliot that I finally wrote it down and tacked it up along with her equally stated, “In acceptance lies peace.”
I can hardly think of a day those phrases haven’t crossed my mind! I mean, life does have this way of throwing unforeseen and unprepared for moments at you. It just doesn’t always go as planned.
So what’s a girl to do?
Make or break for me has been my attitude. Problem is I can’t seem to just “will a good one up.” I need a process.
First, my whining goes to God- because He can take it, and He already knew what I was thinking anyway. Next, I write about it in my journal. Not for anyone else to see of course!! Just to get it out and down on paper. Then I stop and retread it -objectively and sincerely, asking for help in the matter. Tears usually come at this point as I see my selfishness, or pride or just plain old bad attitude. Here is a great moment to open up His Word and soak up some scripture -remembering that whatever “it” is, God has not asked me to go at it alone.
He is with me.
He works in me,
through me, for me.
At this point I can sit and think awhile. Hopefully a little more clearly, knowing there’s room for His thoughts to move in. Sometimes I even get an idea to try out, or I might become inspired to just keep going. Perspective.
There isn’t always an hour to sit and delve over every little given stress of life, but when I feel that all too familiar aggravation and pressure mounting, I know I better find a quiet corner and carve out the time needed!
My wonderful heaven-sent vacation is coming to a close. The daily grind of our busy family life will soon be mine to manage again. I’ll return home rested and rejuvenated and thankful for so so many things. But mostly, that I’m not going back alone! I have my husband, my family and God’s constant grace to carry me through all He’s called me to do. I CAN do all things through Christ Who strengthens me!
…and with a good attitude- ForGlorySake! -Anna


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  1. LizC says:

    Great title … apropo

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