I Married My Soulmate

I have now heard and read (several times in fact) of an opinion held by some well-known authors and speakers (and some unknown…) that the idea of a of a God-given, one-of-a-kind, match made in heaven is impossible, impractical and probably unbiblical.
I don’t have any verses to share or theology to tout, all I can state is that God sure did it for me… and I’m no one special!
I remember asking my Father for a husband at 21 and reminding Him of how fickle I had been in the past, but that I wanted whatever He had for me. I reminded Him how stupid I could be at choosing wisely and that I REALLY wanted Him to make it crystal clear. I was willing for whoever He chose -just “don’t let me miss it!!!”
I waited. In more than one way!
I knew He alone could see the future ahead. He alone knew the best fit for my quirky ways and this was a huge lifetime commitment I didn’t want to screw up. I told Him I’d rather not marry at all… really. Never have sex… never have kids.
The amazing thing about the whole unfolding was how gentle God was at leading me -revealing His plan for me. I did not date at the time. I had been infatuated more than once- however, nothing lasted. I’d actually been proposed to at least 4 different times (no long-standing boyfriend, I don’t think these guys were serious!).
But meeting David was different. The quickening in my Spirit, the assurance of his good character, our mutual following of Jesus… all things I’d hoped for.
What I didn’t expect were the sparks that flew between us, the deep blue eyes that drowned me, and so many other physical features that left me trying to stand up straight.
The important thing was “I knew” … down to my toes, I knew! Just like my mom had been praying for and I had been praying for.
I’m telling you, God is a big old romantic! Just read the story of Issac and Rebekah (Ok, so I did find a Bible story).
It may not happen every time, but it does happen and anyone can ask for it. Maybe it’s just a mindset or a heartset, but I think God is tickled to intervene in our love lives…. in any and every aspect of our lives.
My husband says he prayed for “love at first sight.” Talk about romantic. He says he got it and he knew it spot on. He is actually horrified that anyone is told that “waiting for your ‘Mr/Miss Right’ is foolish because a ‘Mr/Miss ok’ is sitting right there in the corner bar or church.” (Serendipity)
We look at it like this, if we serve a God Who’s completely Sovereign and cares about the smallest things we bring to Him in prayer, why wouldn’t He truly guide and gift us with His perfect will for our life-long marriages?
I tend to take this thought all the way out to: my children are the ones best suited for me to mother… and I am the perfect fit to their individual uniquenesses. I romanticize each day as being strategically customized for my growth as I am being made into the image of Christ! This even translates for me right down to our hard walk through colon cancer, the resulting financial loss, our son’s drug addiction at 15 (!) & recovery journey… even this new venture of caring for elderly parents with dementia.
I see each event tailor-made (Psalm 139:16) metered out to me specifically with the greatest of love.
“For I am hidden with Christ in God! Col. 3:3” That’s pretty much entirely surrounded. I guess it was silly to think the Bible wouldn’t come up.
Either way I do not doubt that I got God’s very best for me. Just anyone wouldn’t have done… still wouldn’t do! I can not think otherwise. “For in contentment lies peace” -Elizabeth Elliot (who by the way did NOT believe in soulmates…).
In the end it is always a choice: to love, to serve, to give of ones heart completely and for all time. If widowhood came tomorrow, I would continue to look to The One Who knows me best. But to say that this man God has provided today is not my soulmate?
Well, I know better.
ForGlorySake!- Anna

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4 Responses to I Married My Soulmate

  1. Nancy says:

    You are both very blessed!

  2. John David Etheriedge says:

    I absolutely & wholeheartedly agree! 🙂

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