Family Stew

My grandfather owned a house at the beach. Which meant that every summer, our family of cousins and other relatives squeezed-in together and enjoyed a few days in each other’s company. This tradition of vacation and family lasted long after my grandfather died and the house was sold.

As my sisters and I grew up, married and had kids of our own, my parents kept the beach visits and Christmas gatherings going. The crowd kept growing. For years and years we have gotten the cousins together somewhere, somehow. Then came our parents illness and change. It has been harder and harder to get the familiar crowd under the same roof for various reasons.

This weekend however, it happened! Almost all of us squeezed into this new house and occupied every bed-space plus some. Eating, talking, working, we have found a common motivation – our parent’s care. And a new place to gather. 

I didn’t foresee this blessing, but God did. It was actually so much fun that we forgot to take a group photo! However, I think it’s just the beginning of something that will happen regularly. As a family, we sure can use the support and it seemed like everyone was enjoying themselves, so hopefully soon we will do it again and mix it up in this new big family stew.


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  1. katiesheart says:

    Keep writing. I’m reading <3

  2. katiesheart says:

    Forgot to put my name (Dottie) 🙂

  3. Thank you, Dottie❤️

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