Family Stew

My grandfather owned a house at the beach. Which meant that every summer our family, cousins and other relatives squeezed in together and enjoyed a few days or weeks in each other’s company.
This tradition of vacation and family lasted long after my grandfather died and the house was sold. I soon brought my husband and kids into the mix as a whole new generation was born.
For years and years we gathered together somewhere, somehow. Then came oldness and illness and change. It has been harder and hard to get the familiar crowd under the same roof for various reasons.
This weekend however, it happened! Almost all of us came together, squeezing in and occupying every bed-space plus some. Eating, talking, and working. We have a new cause (my parent’s care). A new place to gather (our/their new house).
I didn’t foresee it, but God did…. and I think it’s just the beginning of something He wanted us to keep mixing in. Family stew.
For Glory Sale! –Anna


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  1. katiesheart says:

    Keep writing. I’m reading <3

  2. katiesheart says:

    Forgot to put my name (Dottie) 🙂

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